Monday Markets - Black Coffee & Vinyl Presents - May 31, 2018

'Black Coffee & Vinyl Presents' is a new print/online art project looking to fill their first issue with 'Ice Culture' (the frozen water, not the drug):

Black Coffee & Vinyl Presents [is] available online and in print. The publication [includes] work by writers, artists and musicians from around the world, addressing a focused theme. This project intends to extend the global conversation around culture, race, gender, social justice, beauty, place, people, family, community and love. 

For the first issue, we are seeking the following addressing the theme of "Ice Culture":

We are seeking work that features the physical and spiritual beauty of our world's ice, explores the life of the people and cultures that are connected to the ice from the Arctic Circle to Antarctica, and addresses important political issues related to ice. 

They're after non-fiction and fiction up to 2,000 words, as well as up to three poems, or 3 pieces of visual art, photography, and even music. Payment is a flat $50 USD to all contributors. Deadline is May 31, and their next theme (if you aren't a fan of ice) will be 'The City'.

The Literarium listing lies beyond the link:


Monday Markets - Visions Magazine - April 15, 2018

Visions Magazine is a print magazine open now for their first issue:

[Our] first issue will centre on the concept of home in the broadest sense, from the physical structure to the social construct. For instance, we hope the stories will revisit what the notion of home is – a house, a planet, a device? – and what it means to feel at home or homesick. What do we mean by home? How does the concept of home adapts as the world around us changes at a radical pace?

They're paying pro-market rates in GBP (so 4-5p/word) for speculative fiction up to (roughly) 5,000 words, and accept multiple short pieces as long as they add up to about the same length. They're reading until April 15, so get submitting!

(Easter egg: if you click through to their original site you can download the cool font on the right. They dug it back up from the 60s specifically for the magazine)

Literarium listing here:


Monday Markets - Monsters of Any Kind Anthology - July 10, 2018


What a cool cover!

Independent Legions Publishing (producing lines in both Italian and English), are reading for a new horror anthology called 'Monsters of Any Kind':

We’re looking for horror stories containing at least one non-human monster/creature (and not vampires, ghosts, werewolves, zombies). Unusual creatures will be particularly appreciated. All subgenres and forms of speculative fiction are welcome.

They're after short fiction between 3,500 and 5000 words, paying $100 USD. The market closes July 10, giving you some time to organise yourself.

Literarium listing is here:


Monday Markets - Force of Nature Anthology - Mar 31

Lynne Jamneck is reading for a new weird nature anthology that sounds pretty cool:

There is something inherently weird in our behaviour toward Nature. Two distinct energies, two conscious mentalities, humanity and the natural world find themselves at loggerheads. Can we be held accountable if – as part of nature ourselves – we are driven by the need for survival, the way all species are? And if the answer is no, should we not anticipate that Nature will do the same?

Force of Nature (working title) will be an anthology of original short fiction that explores the physical and metaphysical boundaries between humanity and the natural world..

Sounds interesting, right? She's after stories from 2,500 to 10,000 words, and paying 7c per word up to up to 7K, and 5c per word after that. Deadline is 31 March 2018, so get writing.

Literarium listing is here:


Monday Markets - Alchemy and Artifacts anthology - May 15 - EDGE Publishing

Sometimes we post a market with only limited demographics. In this case, EDGE is open to submissions from Canadian authors, for their Tesseracts vol 22, 'Alchemy and Artifacts':

[This] is an anthology of short fiction which examines the magic behind the history, the myths arising from the artifacts, the mysteries missed (or dismissed), but which lie at the root of world events. The editors want tales that explore laws magical as well as physical, the manipulation of reality in the past, resulting in the present. History, sorcery, alchemy, mystery. All with the sense of 'what if?'

[There's a list of examples in the listing]

Alternate histories will be considered, but we are inclined to choose work that considers actual world events and characters, and how some form of magic has manipulated history in a subtle way.

They're looking for short stories up to 5000 words, paying 3 Canadian cents per word with a minimum of $50. Submissions close May 15, 2018!

See the Literarium listing here:


Monday Markets - SNAFU: Resurrection - April 30 (via @cohesionpress)

Cohesion Press is now reading for the next antho in their SNAFU series. I quote the call here in its original shouty caps so as not to weaken the message:


They're after short stories between 2,000-10,000 words, paying 4 Australian cents per word. Submissions close April 30, 2018! NOW I'M DOING IT TOO! HELP!

Check it out on Literarium here:


Monday Markets - The Twisted Book of Shadows - Feb 28

The Twisted Book of Shadows

The editors of The Twisted Book of Shadows want your very best horror story. That’s it. We’re making this call as open as we can make it. Just scare us.

[We] will make our best efforts to spread the word, so that marginalized communities of horror writers will be aware of the call for stories.

[We] want to create a market that actively encourages the submission of horror stories by diverse voices. We want the best stories, no matter who wrote them. When we say we want a level playing field, that means smashing preconceptions about who writes horror.* We cannot say loudly enough that we hope to receive stories from women, from authors of color, from LGBTQ writers, from any author who identifies as belonging to a marginalized community. We want you as part of THIS community. (*White, cis-het men are obviously welcome. This is not an attack on you, or an effort to exclude you. It’s an effort to level the playing field.)

They're reading blind submissions of short horror fiction of 3,000 words and up, paying 6c/word up to $300 well as 50% royalties. Deadline is 28th of Feb, 2018, so get submitting!

Listing is here:

Monday Markets - Factor Four Magazine (via @factorfourmag)

Factor Four is open now for art and flash speculative fiction for its first issue in April 2018:

Factor Four Magazine is a quarterly magazine featuring flash fiction stories from the Speculative Fiction realm.  We publish stories you can read on the go in either print, eReader, and or right here on our website.  Some of our issues carry a certain theme, while others contain a random selection from the genre.

They're paying 8c USD/word for fiction up to 1,500 words (minimum $60 USD), so get submitting!

Listing here:

Monday Markets - CRAFT Magazine (via @craftliterary)

Always nice to find a literary magazine that pays and doesn't charge for submissions:

CRAFT is an online publication celebrating both emerging and established writers. Our focus is on the craft of writing and how those elements make a good story great. We are interested in strong fiction that shines because of its exploration of craft. We feature new and republished fiction; critical pieces on craft; craft exercises; interviews on craft with established writers; book reviews and summaries; and much more.

They pay $100 USD for flash fiction up to 1,000 words, then 10c/word on top of that until 2,000, and finally a flat $200 USD for work up to 7,000. Short fiction, as the title of their magazine suggests, should emphasize the craft of writing.

Notably, they also accept non-fiction articles, but there don't seem any pay rates associated with those. Do update the listing if you spot anything I missed.

They also accept reprint fiction, but don't pay for those.

CRAFT is open all year 'round, and you can find the listing here:

Monday Markets - Sword and Sonnet Anthology - Mar 1, 2018

Here's another cool anthology opening soon. Battle poets? Battle poets!:

What do you mean by battle poet?
A poet who fights. We’re flexible on the definition.
Looking for stories featuring a woman or non-binary battle poet as a main character. Although we envision the bulk of the stories will be fantasy, we’re also open to science fiction or horror. We’re looking for lyrical Shimmery stories, epic fantasy tales, and gritty poetpunk. Stories could feature secondary, historical or contemporary settings.

They've funded via Kickstarter and have a few contributors already, but are opening in February to general submissions. Pays a rate of 6c US per word, for fiction up to 5,000 words. They prefer pieces with at least 2000 words, though.

Literarium listing here:

Monday Markets - Triangulation: The Music Edition - Feb 28, 2018

Parsec Ink is reading for their annual speculative fiction Triangulation anthology. The theme for this issue is 'Music'.

We’re looking for stories where music, a musical instrument, the parts of music, or musical culture make an appearance in a meaningful way. As a thematic element, you can apply a light touch or go “full tuba”. Be aware that we may retool the title of the collection, depending on the exact quality and character of the submissions we receive. If you’ve got a better title than “Triangulation: The Musical”, don’t forget to let us know in your cover letter. 

Pay is 2c US/word, and two contributor copies (one electronic, one print). Submissions are open now for fiction up to 5,000 words, and close end of February.

Literarium listing here:

Monday Markets - Baba Yaga Anthology - Mar 1, 2018 (via @WorldWeaver_press)

World Weaver Press is looking for stories featuring an old favourite: Baba Yaga. 

.Baba Yaga, the terrifying witch of the forest in Slavic folklore, lends herself to all kinds of interpretations. Notorious for traveling in a mortar while wielding a pestle, Baba Yaga sometimes wreaks havoc on humans, but can turn around and help when she feels like it. And she is an early Tiny House owner--hers moves on chicken feet. Baba Yaga may be recognizable from classic images by Ivan Billibin, but, in the US and some other countries, her qualities are not as widely known as they are in Slavic countries.

It's only a token $50 USD per story between 7,500 and 20,000, but if you're into Baba Yaga this is about as specific as you'll get. Market is open now and closes March 1. Get writing!

Listing here:

Monday Markets - Christmas 2017 Spectacular

I had an awesome anthology lined up for you this week but it's Christmas Day! So instead I'm posting it next week.

Now, you may or may not celebrate this day, but as it's a holiday across many of the countries that are likely to publish your work, we're taking the day off. Don't write! Take a break! Think of something about writing, if you must, but craft no words!*

Enjoy your day, and all our best wishes for your family, whatever form it may take.

*this advice is arbitrary and you may disregard it as you please

Monday Markets - Spectacle Magazine (via @specspecfic)

Spectacle is new and ready to publish your speculative fiction! They commission non-fiction and illustrations for every piece, which is cool – I love some good collaborative art.

Welcome to Spectacle! We’re a brand new magazine (yes, print) that covers the exciting world of speculative fiction, which is any story, saga, or tome that has some fantastic element. These genres include (but are not limited to) sci-fi, fantasy, alternate history, horror, apocalyptic, and weird fiction. We’re exploring limitless worlds with infinite possibilities.

They're paying $100USD for flash fiction up to 1,000 words and $500USD for Short Fiction up to 7,500 words. Multiple subs are ok but don't go crazy.

Literarium listing is over here:

Monday Markets - Spank the Carp Magazine

We don't often feature for-the-love markets, but I recently did some work with the editor of SPANK the CARP, so I checked out his publication. Take a look:

SPANK the CARP publishes unique, thought-provoking fiction and poetry that isn't obscure or pretentious. Its goal is to invite readers to wade into the stream, not make them afraid of water for fear it's too cold.

We look for tight, pithy Flash Fiction and Short Stories of any genre, including sci-fi and humor, except fantasy and erotica.  

We also look for poetry that takes chances, including concrete or "shape" poetry.

We also accept images and artwork for the Carpwork Gallery.

For Flash and Short Fiction they're looking at up to 5,000 words.

Check out the listing here:

Monday Markets - Foreshadow Issue Zero, Feb 1, 2018 (via @foreshadowya)

"Foreshadow" is opening for submissions to their Issue Zero:

FORESHADOW: A Serial YA Anthology will be published monthly on this site for a single year starting in January 2019 and ending December 2019, and will feature stellar YA stories from established and emerging authors. Each issue will feature three stories, one of which will be from a new voice specially selected by a beloved author.

They're after YA fiction between 2,000 and 7,000 words. The deadline for their zero-th issue (which will accompany a fundraising round) is February 1, 2018. The first deadlines for their year-long run is September 1, 2018. Payment for Issue Zero is a flat $250 USD per story.

It is our goal to pay all short story contributors the same amount, emerging and established alike. To do so, we will be launching a fundraising campaign in summer 2018, and will be showcasing an early debut issue, Issue Zero, to give a taste of what’s to come. Please consider supporting our fundraising effort this summer to help us pay artists for their work!

They're also recruiting! If you want to do some volunteer industry work check out their post here:

Literarium listing here:

Monday Markets - Disabled People Destroy Science Fiction (via @UncannyMagazine)

Uncanny Magazine is reading for a special issue between Jan 15 and Feb 15 2018 (No subs until open!):

We welcome submission from writers who identify themselves as disabled. Identity is what matters for this issue. What kinds of disabilities? All of them. Invisible and visible. Physical disabilities, learning disabilities, intellectual disabilities, mental health disabilities, and neurodiversity.

Yes, even if your disability is a recently acquired one.

Yes, even if your disability is static, or if it isn’t.

Yes, even if you’ve had your disability since birth.

Yes, even if you use adaptive devices only SOME of the time. Yes, you.

They're looking for fiction between 750 and 6,000 words, paying 8c and 1c USD respectively for unpublished and reprint works. As noted, issue is about identity, not content, so your stories don't have to deal with disability if you don't want. They're also paying $50USD for essays and $30 for poems. Get writing if you identify as someone with a disability (and want to contribute).

Our market listing here:

Monday Markets - Iridium Magazine (via @IridiumZine)

Iridium Magazine is open until mid-December (and then again next year in February, etc):

We are dedicated to increasing the visibility of and accessibility to genre fiction that features characters Queer/Questioning, Undecided, Intersex, Lesbian, Transgender, Bisexual, Asexual/Aromantic, Gay/Genderqueer, and beyond (QUILTBAG+) who are of historically oppressed and underrepresented genders, ethnicities, races, religions, disabilities, and cultures. Essentially, intersectional genre fiction with a focus on QUILTBAG+ characters

They're after genre stories up to 5,000 words, paying 3c/word for fiction and a flat rate for essays and art. They also take reprint fiction at 1c/wd (that limit is up to 15,000 but they still prefer 5,000 or less). Hooray, another reprint market!

The Literarium market listing is here:

Monday Markets - LitMag (via @LitMagPress)

LitMag is looking for submissions!

LitMag is a print journal of fiction, poetry and nonfiction, a home for established, emerging and unknown writers. We seek work that moves and amazes us. We are drawn to big minds and large hearts.

They pay $250 USD for non-fiction, fiction and poetry published online, and $1,000 USD for fiction and non-fiction in their print issue (print poetry is $250 USD). Their submission windows vary based on what you are submitting, but they're at least open until November 30, so get submitting!

The market listing is here:

Monday Markets - We Shall Be Monsters: Frankenstein Two Centuries On - Dec 30, 2017 (via @)

Here's a cool anthology looking for fiction about disability in the context of Frankenstein!

'We Shall Be Monsters' is a fiction collection that will feature explorations of disability through Frankenstein, queer and trans identity, ideas of race and colonialism. Shelley’s story provides a space for exploring a multitude of identities through the figure of the sympathetic outsider. Frankenstein’s “monster” is a figure of Otherness, and one that can tell stories of exclusion and social oppression.

They pay $0.03 CAD/word for fiction between 2,000 and 7,500 words, poetry up to 500 words, and an unspecified payment for comics up to 6 pages. They're also running a Kickstarter campaign (here) to expand their budget. Closes December 30.

The market listing is here: