What is an ebook actually worth to you? When the container has no value - via @Cacotopos

This post links to an article from my personal blog, where I also occasionally address issues relating to the publishing industry, coloured by my private perspective. In Australia, ebooks have yet to gain the kind of traction that they have in America. Consequently, the market is still experimenting and adjusting itself; on the one hand we have publishers trying to force a model onto readers with which they're happy; on the other hand we have readers looking at the exploding market in America and screaming blue murder at imposed regional limits.

Into this ebook culture I made a comment about local ebook pricing on twitter, which prompted a discussion with Virginia from booki.sh.

This eventually resulted in an extensive article on the value breakdown of digital books: http://cacotopos.wordpress.com/2011/06/10/when-the-container-has-no-value

I hope you find it interesting, as it certainly helped me feel more comfortable about my book evaluating process in general.