Monday Market - Machine of Death Volume 2 - Jul 15, 2011

I'll be aiming to put up a new or interesting market each week. A love of alliteration compels me to make it Monday Market. I suppose I may alternate it with Saturday (or Sunday) Service, to highlight an editing, illustrator or other handy service. Today's market is one with an unusual pedigree. The Machine of Death anthology is an entirely self-created themed anthology project which rocketed to the #1 Amazon sales chart through some clever social marketing and sales timing. Have a read at their site to get a feel for the journey the amazing editors have undertaken so far.

They are now in the middle of submissions for volume two of their project, Machine of Death 2. The submission guidelines are quite strict, and I personally strongly recommend that you read a good portion of the first volume to avoid making any mistakes or repeating a concept. However, the payrates are professional and the production value and support are second to none. I personally think the Machine of Death project is a great case-study for the future of publishing (and reading).

You can find the submission guidelines here:

You have about a month! Get writing!