Some advice about your opinion about art

Award-winning author Brad R Torgersen writes an interesting and lengthy post about a very useful skill for writers, which I will paraphrase as: 'shut the hell up for a minute while you think about how your opinion is a personal value-judgement'.

It took a seasoned pro to pull me aside and say, “Look kid, author X or novel Y may not be to your taste, but they obviously work for somebody. Instead of getting mad about it, stop and think about how or why a given writer or a given book, or series of books, is speaking to an audience that large. There’s something deeper going on, and it’s worth considering. Maybe even respecting — though you personally may not like what author X puts out.”

For extra points, watch the funny animation at the top of the page from the start, which will prepare you for every award-controversy-diatribe in the history of EVAR.

Read Brad's well-constructed and entertaining advice here: