Back to Voice via @LeahPetersen's blog

Author Terri Guiliano Long has written a guest post at Leah Petersen's blog, and it's a great analysis on the use of voice and diction for writers. Although some of these things might not be new to seasoned writing veterans, the article gives a bit of perspective and guidance and structure to what can be a very ephemeral 'thing' that writers put to page without considering.

As Terri says:

An effective voice is attuned to the writer’s message, purpose, story and readers. Here, because I hope to get my points across without sounding stuffy, I’m using a chatty instructional voice. If I wrote this same piece for a technical journal, I’d use formal diction and a more distant, authoritative tone.

Often when we write fiction for a particular market we naturally tune our content, but the details Terri goes into in the article might open your eyes a little to what other tuning options you may not have considered.

Check the whole article out here: