You Need a Designer! (via @KeyboardHussy)

Stephany Simmons guest-posts on Evelyn Lafont's blog, Keyboard Hussy, about the importance of professionalism in self-publishing. Although Keyboard Hussy has now gone into 'archive mode' as Evelyn continues to do her own writing, I thought I'd link to a recent post. Stephany says:

I’ve been very lucky as an indie author. Because of my graphics, web and print production background, I’ve been able to do a lot of the costly stuff myself. Not that I didn’t look into having it done by someone else, I did, at first.

Stephany provides these services to authors through her Pasty Hen online design business. I'd normally post this as a Sunday Service, but I already have a market lined up for monday, so I'm sneaking it in here.

Remember, one of the core features we're aiming to provide with Literarium is a growing directory of publishing and literary services. With the growth of the digital publishing revolution, which is also a self-publishing revolution, we see this becoming supremely useful to writers.

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