Monday Market - Bloodstones Anthology - 15 May 2012

Here's an early heads up: Ticonderoga publications has announced a new annual horror anthology series, Bloodstones, edited by Amanda Pillar. The first volume 'promises stories focussing on unconventional urban fantasy' and opens to submissions on February 1, 2012. From the announcement:

This is the first in a series of anthologies from Ticonderoga Publications that will focus on non-traditional horror. I want stories that are horrific, but that also fit within other genres – let’s look beyond the borders. This year’s anthology will focus on non-traditional urban fantasy. This means that I don’t want stories that feature vampires, witches or werewolves; if you send one, it probably won’t make it through to the final cut.

You can find the submission guidelines for the first volume here: