Bringing new Readers into the Family (via @KristenLambTx)

Kristen Lamb discusses approaches (and mistakes) that writers make when they are trying to grow their reader base.

Sometimes it seems that life would be easier if traditional marketing could sell books because then we could pay for a nice book trailer and program an automated platform to blitz out “commercial” on every social site. Yet, the fact remains that books are not tacos or car washes. So what’s a writer to do?

Another important point is that a lot of our efforts at marketing are expended on fellow writers, our comfort zone:

Writers are incredible, kind and talented. We should befriend writers. They are our professional core and our support network. Yet, where the mistake happens is that fellow writers are our comfort zone. We cannot mistake our professional network for our reader demographic. Will writers make up part of our readership? Yes…but they are not ALL of our readership.

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