Monday Market - Rocket Science Anthology - 31 Oct 2011 (via @stvgskll)

Mutation Press is reading for 'Rocket Science: An anthology of realistic and authentic hard science fiction', edited by Ian Sales and due for publication in 2012.

ROCKET SCIENCE is looking for original stories which realistically depict space travel and its hazards. The reader needs to know what it would be like to be there. This doesn’t mean stories must be set in interplanetary or interstellar space; but the technology and science involved must be present somewhere. It could be a story set in a spacecraft, on an asteroid or space station; or about a mission soon to leave Earth’s surface. It could be a first contact, a rescue against the odds, or a study of some unusual space phenomenon. Whatever suits. Don't be afraid to be literary.

They add, though: 'but no space opera, definitely no space opera.'

The word limit is 6,000 words, and payment is GBP10.00 per 1k words.

Rocket Science also accept non-fiction articles relating to the subject, so this is really a great opportunity to get your name out in the Hard SF arena. It's an exciting project and I hope they sell squillions of copies.

You can find the submission guidelines here: