Writing and Reading about Sex (via @randysusanmeyer)

Randy Susan Meyer writes a great article about writing about sex (check out her site here). People don't necessary like to talk about sex much, and in writing there are a lot of 'fade-to-black' moments in lieu of actual sex scenes. When an interviewer asked Randy Susan how she did it, she was left unprepared:

How did I write about sex?

  • By praying no one would ask me about it.
  • By telling myself that my husband knows I am not writing about him (except for the good parts, of course.)
  • By realizing that writing about sex isn’t about insert Tab A into Slot B—it’s about the emotion behind the writhing.
  • By remembering what Elizabeth Benedict said in her wonderful book, The Joy of Writing Sex:
    • Benedict: A good sex scene is not always about good sex, but it is always an example of good writing.

There's a great list of points for consideration, with good analysis. It's definitely worth a read if you have had problems or doubts about writing worthwhile sex scenes.

Most readers can tell when in a sex scene, the writer has stepped away from the character and inserted a boilerplate moment. It’s easy to understand why a writer might avoid writing deeply about sex. Nobody’s comfortable with the idea that readers who know them might think they are reading a page from the writer’s life.

Check out the rest: http://backspacewriters.blogspot.com/2011/08/writing-and-reading-about-sex.html