Eviscerating a Publishing Contract for Fun and Profit (via @pitchuniversity)

Pitch University has a section analysing contracts, and looking at various legal aspects of the publishing industry.

Each post will review a publishing contract (or maybe two), and I will discuss five points about each contract that are good and/or bad.  (See bottom to submit your contract for analysis.) Today I’m going to start with a contract from Sourcebooks, Inc., a mid-to-small size publisher based in Naperville, Illinois.

Have a look at some of the dangers awaiting you if you over-eagerly sign a publishing contract. Partial spoiler: it rates a 1 out of 5 stars, or 'Shred It'. It's entertaining in a scary way.

Read the analysis here: http://www.pitch-university.com/school-is-in-session/2011/8/26/shred-it-review-of-sourcebooks-inc-publishing-contract.html