Cecilia Tan on Typography and Design for Print and eBooks

Cecilia Tan recently posted some fascinating articles on typography and design for the do-it-yourself writing crowd. If you've considered laying out your own book from scratch and don't yet have the appropriate respect for professional typesetters and designers, read these posts; they might make you reconsider doing it by hand and hiring an experienced professional (or they may encourage you to learn these skills properly). Many of you might stop at post 1: Farming Out to Professionals. In this case, Literarium's goal is to provide a starting point for you to find these kind of literary services and professionals, or record them for everyone else to use if you happen to stumble on a new one.

However, professionals cost money and publishing (particularly self-publishing) is a pretty lean industry. In that case, hopefully the other posts will provide a good starting point for learning the essentials.

Note: these posts relate to both DIY print and digital books.

Be sure to check them out here:

1. Farming Out to Professionals 2. Elements of Book Design 3. Page Layouts 4. Widows, orphans, and hyphenation 5. “Smart” quotes, section breaks, and fleurs 6. Ebook design versus print design