Monday Market - Tales From the Bell Club - Dec 20, 2011 or when full

This niche anthology appeared in my inbox recently, and for fans of Weird Fiction set around the turn of the century it offers a very specific set of requirements that tickled my fancy. 'Tales From the Bell Club' is being published by KnightWatch Press, and edited by Paul Mannering. It's due to be published in Spring 2012 (which I presume to mean northern hemisphere spring, for you southerners out there).

From my information:

Gentleman's Clubs were fine establishments made famous by various books, radio play series’ and films. The clubs were places where explorers and adventurers would gather and tell stories of their adventures in exotic locations.

The Bell Club is different. Instead of being an adventurer’s club - it is an establishment that restricts its membership to those who have experienced unspeakable horror.

Successful membership requires the applicant to tell a story - and if the members find it disturbing enough – the applicant is granted access. It's like a nascent support group for the traumatised.

No one judges or questions the stories told - because all the members have seen such things as no man can rationalise - and who are they to judge if a fellow storyteller is lying, mad or hallucinating?

By its nature the stories are set in the early years of the 20th Century, with male or female protagonists.

Payment is $25USD and and an ebook, with additional options to acquire hard copies at discount.

Read the full submission guidelines here:

Please note that the deadlines is 20 December OR when full. This means that my personal approach to submissions, which is the same as my approach to assignments in university, isn't necessarily going to work here (ie. wait until the last moment). So get those subs out soon!