Don't Write off Physical Sales Too Early (via @thebookseller)

The Bookseller writes on how the publishing industry should avoid the mistakes of the record industry:

Publishers should not be too quick to write off physical products and should encourage competition between a number of digital players to avoid the mistakes the record industry made, the director general of the Entertainment Retailers Association has said.

This is a good point, actually. The publishing industry's move to digital has jumped into the same problems that crippled the advance of digital music ten years ago. Did I mention TEN YEARS AGO? Amazingly, most haven't learned from that lesson: ebooks have DRM, ridiculous regional constraints, excessive prices - all the artifacts of moving from a physical distribution process and trying to cram the digital versions of their entertainment product into boxes analogous to the physical versions.

Kim Bayley gave a presentation to more than 100 indies at the Booksellers Association’s Independent Booksellers Forum conference in Coventry on Monday (26th September) and discussed the Record Store Day initiative. Record companies provide independent stores with exclusive products, mostly vinyl albums and singles, created especially for the day. It is now in its third year, and 180 stores took part in 2011.

This is a great idea (for bookshops and publishers) and another interesting way to provide collectibles. Because, after all, the only physical books we'll be buying in the future are the good quality ones, or the ones that offer us something special, like a signature or limited edition cover.

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