How to Write Anti-Heroes, by Paul S. Kemp (via @amazonbooks)

Today's post comes from the Omnivoracious blog, where Susan Morris interviews Paul S. Kemp about how to write good anti-heroes.

The antihero is the answer to today's complicated world. When good and evil are not so easy to separate, and every protagonist has their share of damning secrets, the golden hero of yesterday--in his innocence and good will--is unrelatable. The modern audience demands moral complexity--heroes who face the same challenges, temptations, and questions we do.

Paul summarizes part of the appeal of anti-heroes in a single line:

The anti-hero is a one-man morality play. Whereas the villain and hero rarely face moral crisis (or when they do, it’s an ultimate moment in their progression as characters), the antihero is the moral crisis.

It's a fun read, so check it out at: