Do's and Don'ts for Introducing your Protagonist (via @annerallen)

This is a great list to help you avoid cliches and bad writing for introducing your main character. Nice to see a reminder in there to avoid mirrors! People do not check themselves out and list their most attractive features. You could subvert this any number of ways of course but... Anyway, let's move on.

Introducing your protagonist to your reader may be the single trickiest job for a novelist. You have to let readers get to know your character in a very short time--then entice us go on a journey with this person into a brand new world. If you tell us too much, you’ll bore us, but if you tell us too little, you’ll confuse us.

It's a fun read, and Anne said something that I felt rung particulary true:

Thing is--when you’re first diving into a novel, you’re not introducing your characters to readers; you’re introducing them to yourself.

and shortly after:

It helps to remember this formula: first drafts are for the writer; revisions are for the reader

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