The Opportunity in Abundance - a talk by Brian O'Leiry

Brian O'Leiry recently gave this presentation at the "Books in Browsers" conference.

I'm hardly the first person to think or talk about the implications of content abundance.  Michael Hart, the founder of Project Gutenberg who passed away in September, thought that portable petabyte storage capable of holding a billion ebooks would be readily accessible to a middle-class reader by 2021.

He talks about the challenges inherent in this world of abundance of media, and halfway through the talk digs deeper into the four things he says need to be done in order to reinvent publishing (I'll preview the first one):

First, we need a goal.  “Survival” is really not adequate.  It doesn’t motivate or sustain, and it presumes a zero-sum game (or worse).  I’d like to put a not-so-radical idea on the table: abundance, digital formats, Amazon and Apple all challenge prevailing business models, but the super-threat is people not engaging in immersive reading and text-based study, the precursors to critical thinking.

If that sounds like something of interest to you, check out the entire piece here: