The Death of the Long Sentence (via @kyd_journal)

Friday seems to be turning into a day for more relaxing posts, and I found an appropriate article on the excellent Kill Your Darlings blog, written by Emily Bitto, lamenting the death of the long sentence. She discusses modern trends and her own experiences, as well as delving into some of the lost wonders of the long sentence:

When I was an undergraduate creative writing student, almost a decade ago, I learnt that parenthetical clauses were to be punished with cut-backs and restructuring. I learnt that the adjective was deeply suspect, and the adverb was an outright enemy. We studied short stories by Raymond Carver and Hemingway and tried to emulate their spare, clean style. It was only in my parallel study in literature that I was introduced to the tangled, intricate and often adjective-laden sentences of Faulkner, Melville, Proust, Henry James, Virginia Woolf and others.

Peruse it in its entirety here: