Authors, Adopt a Bookshop! (HT: @TheBaronCB)

This link to the UK collective Trapped By Monsters popped up in my feed via Paul Landymore.

REMEMBER when you first started out as an author? The thrill of seeing your book on a shelf in a bookshop for the very first time?

With the rise of ebooks and the pressures on bookshops to adopt and compete in a changing publishing landscape, they are kicking off the Adopt A Bookshop campaign:

We decided we wanted to give back a bit and show our support and so we have created [Adopt A Bookshop]

- our campaign to support at least one bookshop each year. We intend to spread the word among our author and illustrator buddies around the UK and maybe even around the world. If you’re reading this for the first time, we’re already on our way.

We love bookshops at Literarium - I've previously written a post on how I feel they might be able to change to survive (here) - and as part of our product we are aiming to make it easier for bookshops to discover local authors, kind of an 'Adopt An Author' equal but opposite approach to this campaign. Hopefully we will be able to meet in the middle and effect some change.

So how does an author Adopt A Bookshop? [...]

So far we have identified these things that an author can do:


Read the call to arms here: