A Writer's Habits (via @nicolermurphy and @andrewmckiernan)

Nicole Murphy has a regular column interviewing writers on their habits. Recently she spoke with Andrew McKiernan. I'd been introduced to Andrew on one of eMergent Publishing's projects and enjoyed working with him, so having a look at what makes him tick as a professional is interesting. Also, Andrew's sons' approach to their writing dad would seem familiar to many:

My two boys made me a sign to put up when I'm writing; "Don't Disturb the Writer - He's Already Disturbed Enough".

And also the ever present spectre of modern communications:

Local friends would have to come over, knock on the door, pay me a visit in the real world, but so many of my friends are on Facebook and Twitter. They're always there, in the background just behind my open writing document. It is too easy to flip open my web browser or Tweetdeck and waste time chatting when I should be writing. That's something I need to try harder to avoid when it is writing time.

Read the whole interview here: http://nicolermurphy.com/post/A-writere28099s-habitse28093Andrew-McKiernan.aspx