Tips from the Pros: Greenwood and Evans on How to Jumpstart Your Writing (via @susanjmorris)

Today Susan J. Morris posts wisdom from Ed Greenwood and Erin M. Evans on the Omnivoracious blog:

To celebrate the deadline-driven inspiration of NaNoWriMo, this Monday, Wednesday (today!), and Friday, some of my favorite professional authors are spilling their secrets on how they write even when the muse is M.I.A.

I've always found the old adage 'Just Write!' perfect: two words that sum up what you need to do to take this job seriously: just write, just write, just write. Sit down. Shut off distractions. Write. Submit.

Doing that over and over gives you experience, thick skin (and/or writer zen) and will eventually get you published. Sheer persistence (and the reality that practice makes, at best, good enough) will get you through.

But... But it's so easy for me to sit here and tell you that's all you have to do. It would be helpful if there was some advice on how to stay motivated, hey?

Ed Greenwood:

[...] I always have six to eight projects on the go at any one time, and when I start to run down or hit a wall on one, I just switch to another.

Erin M. Evans:

When I get hit with “writer’s block,” I fall back on two techniques, depending on the cause. [...]

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