Monday Market - Dark Faith 2 - Apex Publications (via @apexbookcompany)

[Update: I've made it clearer that the only open period is January 1 through to 31] Apex Publications is open to submissions from January 1st through to the 31st, 2012, for their anthology Dark Faith 2, the follow up to Dark Faith.

We’re looking for the story only you could write, something deeply personal and at the same time universal.  Everyone believes in something and we want you to put those beliefs to the test.  We’re looking for smart, literate stories that don’t proselytize or stereotype.  Stories that make you think, that comment on the human condition and the social order.  Stories that are rich in their use of language.

They're looking at a publication date of late Summer 2012 (Northern Hemisphere summer).

The anthology will be 80,000 words long and pays a respectable 5 cents per word (up to 4000 words). Full submission guidelines can be found here.

And as always remember to RtFGl when submitting!