The No 1 Overlooked Skill for Every Author (via @janefriedman)

Jane Friedman writes at Writers Unboxed:

I wish they taught this skill to students in high school or college. Creative writing students especially need to spend a semester on it, but never do. You’d think publishers would deliver a 101 guide on it for their authors, though I’m not sure the publishers themselves always know anything about it. The skill is copywriting.

Jane breaks copywriting down into three areas, and goes into convincing detail about how different its application is to 'regular' writing, while being something that almost every writer needs to write:

  • Writing query letters, synopses, and other submission materials
  • Writing copy for your website and social media profiles
  • Writing copy for your books (or products and services)

Unless you have someone to do these critical marketing tasks for you, check the article out in detail here, since these dot points can't tell the whole story:

Once you've finished reading that, this link from Jane's wrap-up suggestions is great: