Monday Market - Day of Demons Anthology - 1st Mar 2012 (via @BeasBookNook)

I spotted this via Bea's Book Nook and Anachron Press, a new fantasy anthology titled, 'Day of Demons'. The rough outline sounds quite interesting, and focussed enough to inspire some cool ideas:

Day of Demons will be a collection of dark fantasy stories that deal with the effects of ‘demons’ over the course of a single day. This could be literally a large, flaming demon wreaking havoc upon a city/town/village, or it could be an internal ‘demon’ that is troubling your character. The key thing is that your story should take place over the time span of a single day.


The stories must be about the characters first and foremost. World building, magic systems and other fantasy widgets are encouraged, but not as a priority over great, memorable characters.

The publisher is looking for:

...10 stories between 4ooo and 6ooo words. We will pay £10 + paperback copy for each contributer. We will also setup an author profile page on our site and feature you in blog posts leading up to the launch of the anthology.

So a nominal payment and a little bit of exposure? Surely worth a look.

Check the submissions guidelines here: