Oh my God, my friend is a writer! What do I do? (via @npbooks)

Rebecca Rosenblum writes a fun article to help you cope with a new found writer in your life:

Don’t panic—this is something most adults will eventually have to deal with, if only until they can find a way to leave the bar. Maybe it’s a new friend, that great guy or gal from work or the gym, who suddenly blurts it out as if you should have somehow known from his or her lack of dress sense and unfocused stare. Or maybe it’s a friend you’ve known for years, a trusted confidante who you’d never have suspected harboured such a secret.


Ok, so calm down, take a deep breath and think. Is this a friend you want to keep? Because if you’ve been dreaming of ditching him/her, now is your chance; writers are used to rejection.

She addresses this crisis by answering a few frequently asked questions, such as:

Will my writing friend drink during the day/be surly at dinner parties/refuse to hold down a job?

These are important things to know if you are a non-writer who finally finds themselves with a writer in your life, so check out the information you'll need to survive here: http://arts.nationalpost.com/2011/12/08/rebecca-rosenblum-oh-my-god-my-friend-is-a-writer-what-do-i-do/