The Art of the Epic Battle (via @susanjmorris)

Susan Morris's writing articles are so useful that I try not to overwhelm you with too many of them, and instead hand pick a rare few. It means they're a little old, like this article on writing epic battles from mid-December.

Nothing sets fire to our hearts and minds like a good old-fashioned climatic battle. That epic clash where good stands against evil in the face of almost certain death, fearlessly protecting that which is most sacred to them--be it honor, freedom, or the world itself. Few things are more inspiring than seeing those brave, proud few draw a line in the sand and throw down for what they believe in against almost impossible odds.

Susan breaks the article into three sections, and contrasts this to a regular fight scene. Useful advice here for writers of epic battles.

  • What Are They Fighting For?
  • What Gives Them Hope?
  • How Does it All End?

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