DIY Bestseller Bullshit (via @GoGirlWriters and @lisadempster)

A quick and eloquent reminder from the Guerilla Girl Writers blog about self-publishing success stories:

But don’t believe all this bullshit hype about getting rich and famous by self-publishing. It’s even more bullshitty bullshit than the bullshit about how you can easily become rich and famous as a mainstream published author.

There's a great example in here, of two writers calling ten publishing houses over two days. Amazingly, they had no luck acquiring a publishing deal after all that effort, so instead they refinanced a mortgage and struck it rich...

What if you took that genius advice and decide that your brilliant idea is just as brilliant as 4 Ingredients, and borrowed money and sent out press releases and nobody noticed and you sold twelve copies? To your family?

Read it in all its glory here: