Backing it up Old School (via @alanbaxter)

Alan Baxter posted yesterday about a clever way to get an old school hard copy backup of a lot of your digital writing. These days, plenty of your work may only appear in online publications. Short of installing a few touch screen monitors inside your brag-shelf (actually, that's a pretty cool idea), you're not going to be able to display them easily.

[...] while it’s great to have all my writing saved and backed up, I still have a slight end-of-the-world niggle. My stuff is saved on the hard drive of my laptop. It’s also backed up on two extrenal [sic] hard drives, a USB memory stick and I have a cloud storage thing set up, so it’s on servers miles away. Every once in a while I also burn a DVD backup. But this is all digital. What happens when some fucktard supervillain drops an EMP and everything electronic becomes nothing more than a high-tech ornament?

I like Alan's solution and will employ it myself in the future.

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