Monday Market - Scape Zine YA Spec Fic & Poetry (via @ScapeZine)

Scape Zine specialises in Young Adult speculative fiction and poetry:

All Scape fiction and poetry must contain a speculative component. We’re into sword and sorcery, urban fantasy, magical realism, hard sci-fi, cyberpunk, alternate history, supernatural, myth and legend, post-apocalyptic, dark, light and all shades in between. If you can imagine it, we’ll consider it. That being said, to catch our attention you’re going to need to bring something fresh and edgy if your story features well-worn ideas such as vampires or time travel.

Young Adult fiction is an ever-growing field, and it's great to see a dedicated magazine like Scape Zine:

Scape’s YA focus doesn’t mean we want ‘dumbed down’ or ‘censored’ stories. Quite the opposite. YA for us is broadly defined. It means fiction that is relevant, meaningful and of particular interest to young people. We’re not putting a specific age bracket on ‘young people’ and we aim for our publication to appeal to the ‘young’ and ‘young at heart’ alike.

They accept short fiction up to 8,000 words, and poetry up to 100 lines. Their pay rates are a generous 1 cent U.S. per word for original short stories, with a U.S. $10 minimum payment, and a flat $25 for poetry. Note that they pay via PayPal.

You can find all submission details here: