Ten Myths about Editors (via @RomanceUniv)

Romance University asks Theresa Stevens to debunk some myths about editors. Here's an example, regarding the myth that Pitching work at a conference makes an editor more interested in your manuscript:

I found my success rate for finding new authors was roughly the same in elevators, bars and taxis as in formal pitch sessions. To be honest, I think pitches are about the worst way to connect with an editor. It’s a high-stress environment for the author and, well, let’s just say that it can feel a bit claustrophobic for the editor. Not exactly a good setting for a love connection.

Also, I speak to a few editors on twitter, and I know I always believed that:

10. Myth: Editors lead glamorous, exciting, celebrity-filled lives.

Link here: http://romanceuniversity.org/2012/02/17/ten-myths-about-editors-theresa-stevens/