Epiphany on the future of publishing (via @dboshea)

Dan O'Shea had a moment of clarity that helped him reconcile the huge range of options out there in publishing:

I guess this was more of a thought, but it was a thought that pretty much put my mind at rest on this whole self-publishing or indie-publishing versus traditional publishing/e-book versus paper book/what’s the future of publishing/oh my god, are we’re all screwed or is this the dawn of a brave new era brouhaha that’s the dominant topic of discussion whenever writers gather in our benighted little crannies on the interwebs.

Dan's admission of his struggle with the implications of the new 'anyone can publish' paradigm are entertaining (naughty words ahoy!):

Still, something was eating at me. The crap-through-the-pipe thing was eating at me. The idea that every asshole out there could now call himself an author.  That gatekeeper shit the self-pub crowd likes to whine about? I’d gotten past a big gate – I’d signed with an agent. A reputable agent. An agent with proven editorial judgment who used to be an editor at one of the major publishing houses. An agent that’s sold an impressive number of books into the traditional system. And now any dickhead in East Bumblefuck with an internet connection and a few thousand words on his hard drive has the same right to call himself an author that I do? Pissed me off.

In fact, the whole post is entertaining and worth a read. Dan talks about the market, which like it or not sorts itself out, and how big players like Amazon are throwing their weight around, and how to cope with it all. His assertion that quality wins out in the end is comforting!

Read the original: http://danielboshea.wordpress.com/2012/03/01/self-pub-indie-pub-e-pub-behold-an-epiphany-on-the-future-of-publishing/