Librarians Talk of Abandoning E-Books (via @digibookworld, HT: @jafurtado)

This relates a little to the walled-garden post from yesterday, in so far as DRM is being used to impose constraints. Digital libraries by their very nature require a control mechanism to prevent ebooks on loan from being copied by a library's patrons, and publishers are using this to impose lending fees and restrictions which are causing concerns among librarians:

There has been much controversy lately around e-book lending at libraries. Pricing, lending policies, digital rights management and relationships between distributors and sellers are all issues on the table. (Here’s a good review of the situation from our own resident library expert Barbara Galletly.)

Jeremy Greenfield links to a few related articles in this post, and if digital libraries are of interest to you, check them out:

If you want something more light-hearted, have a look at this video from March last year, comparing HarperCollins's then new '26 checkout' ebook expiration license:

We ask the question, What does wear and tear look like on a print book? Is 26 checkouts a realistic standard to apply to ebooks?

Video here: