Australian writers: think twice before diving into the publishers’ slush pile (via @v11oyd)

Virginia Lloyd discusses a trend of large Australian publishing houses (Penguin, Pan Macmillan, Allan & Unwin), being open to unsolicited electronic manuscripts. As someone in the comments says, they've been open to unsolicited manuscripts for years. Virginia speaks of her own experience from 'before' the digital revolution:

I have to confess that when I worked as an in-house editor in the 1990s, unsolicited manuscripts were the bane of our lives. They haunted us as we worked on the dozen scheduled books we each had in different stages of production, stacked in piles by the door of our offices. Guiltily we would grab a handful every few months once in a while and read the first few pages chapter, just to make sure we weren’t missing a gem in the rough.

She asks 'so why are these publishers looking for your unsolicited manuscripts now?' and discusses 'things to consider before submitting an unsolicited manuscript'. Without stealing her thunder, she advises against using these methods, from her perspective as a literary agent, and explains why.

Read the rest here: If anything, it's a useful glimpse into the process of getting in front of a publisher.