Monday Market - A Fistful of Horrors: Tales of Terror from the Old West - 31 May 2012 (via @CruentusLibri)

Cruentus Libri Press is a UK independent press and is currently reading submissions for its latest anthology, A Fistful of Horrors: Tales of Terror from the Old West (a Western themed horror anthology):

We are looking for stories that successfully combine the setting and trappings of the Old West with skin crawling horror from the depths of mankind’s darkest imaginings.

The Old West setting is a must. We want to see saloons, grizzled old prospectors, cowboys, Native Americans, banditos, abandoned gold mines and the like. Historical accuracy would be nice, but we’re really after stories that capture the flavour of the Old West. If, in the reading of your story, we feel that Clint Eastwood or John Wayne could turn the corner at any minute for a brief cameo, then you’ve hit the nail on the head. As well as the classic Spaghetti Western motifs, we also welcome stories from the same period that focus on Native American culture – Wendigos, skin-walkers, deer women, Fastachees…you get the idea.

They want short fiction from 2500 to 7500 words, and the antho pays £20 (with no contributor's copy). You have until May 31st to get this done, so if you like your Western themed horror, get writing.

You can find the full submission details here: