e-Publishing and the Short Story Writer (via: @contextual_life)

Most of the talk I see about e-books relate to novel length work, or sometimes novellas. I can see such amazing new opportunity for short fiction sales in electronic formats, and am utterly confused as to why there isn't a better market for it. Short fiction is perfect for the .99c-and-lower impulse price point, as well as quick to read. Why can't we construct our own anthologies via the iBookstore, for example? David B. Coe writes:

Let’s look at some numbers:  A standard short story is about 6,000 words long.  (According to SFWA’s Nebula categories, a short story is anything up to 7,499 words.  At 7,500, we step into novella territory.)  A decent payment rate for a short story is about $.05 per word.  Some markets pay more; some pay less.  Using those numbers, a 6,000 word short would pay a writer $300.00, which is actually about what most writers can expect from each short story sale.

As a short story writer, I'd like to correct David here and state that what most writers can expect from each short story sale is actually between $10-$50 if you're lucky. BUT MOVING ON... </cynical>

But I don’t think there is any question that the growth of e-books and the proliferation of e-reading devices could easily create a new, vibrant market for short fiction writers.

And yet there doesn't seem to be one. I'm ignoring Amazon singles here: please correct me if I'm wrong, but that's just an ebook site sellings 'ebooks' that happen to be short story length.There is no short-fiction focus, in terms of supporting models (build your own anthology) or even subscription models (sign up to an author and get new fiction from them every month).

In an age when we desperately need new markets for the great short fiction currently being produced in our field, it is exciting to think that the trend toward e-publishing may open up new avenues for writers.

There is room for a dedicated electronic short fiction (and poetry) online store.

Don't make us build that ourselves, people!

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