A Discussion of Pitching (via: @greyhausagency HT: @SydneyWriters)

Scott Eagan from Greyhaus Literary Agency discusses some tips for pitching your project:

First of all, let me say that a pitch session is not a chance to practice your pitch. There are only so many appointment openings and frankly, if you aren’t serious about advancing your career, right there and right then, don’t sign up. I don’t care how much pressure you have from your critique partners, don’t do it. In reality, would you practice a pitch session with Bill Gates at Microsoft? I don’t think so.

I'm not terribly inclined to try to pitch my work, but that's a personal failing: it's a self-promotion skill that's kind of useful to have as a writer. Scott's agency focuses primarily on traditional romance, and getting noticed in the crowd is important. This applies to genre writing as well: there are plenty of writers trying to get their Science Fiction manuscript in front of an agent's eyes.

Pitching is not a major issue. The key is to be prepared and go in with confidence.

There must be pitching-practice groups out there. Does anyone have any links?

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