Monday Market - The Tale Tellers - Monthly from 1st - 7th (via @nicole_r_murphy)

Nicole Murphy has opened her project 'The Tale Tellers' for monthly submissions for at least the next few months. This is a project for up-and-coming authors only - if you have made a professional sale you can't enter, sorry. But in that case, congratulations! Professional sales don't grow on trees. 'The Tale Tellers' is open to speculative fiction submissions up to 2000 words, and pays $100 initially each month, for online publication and eventual inclusion in an anthology:

Authors may receive extra payments via royalties should profits on the sales of the anthology be greater than $2500 (the amount needed to fund the next years crop of stories).

The process sounds great for new writers:

On the eighth day of the month, Nicole will choose a story to work with. That person will be notified and will be expected to work hard on developing their story with Nicole for the next three weeks. Nicole will edit using track changes – you’ll need to be able to use it.

The story will be published online on the first of the following month and be visible until the last day of the month, when it will be removed from view. At the end of the year, the twelve stories will be collected and along with a story by Nicole and some guest authors will be published in an anthology that will be available electronically and through Print on Demand.

You can find the full submission details here:

You can also contribute to the success of this project with a donation to: