Some Financial Analysis: Keys to ePublishing Success (via @DerekJCanyon)

Derek Canyon recently posted some general financial analysis on his 'Adventures in e-Publishing' blog. In the ongoing debate on self-publishing, any information and tips on profitability are useful, so have a look:

I based this data on the list created over on Self-Publishing Success Stories, a blog which frequently has interesting and enlightening posts. You should check them out. I also researched the authors' Kindle books on Amazon to come up with the following data points:

  • Number of ebooks sold (as claimed by the author)
  • Number of etitles available (as listed on the author's Kindle page)
  • Average sales per title (calculated)
  • Primary genre (as estimated by me)

I then put all this data into a nifty Excel spreadsheet and generated some charts and graphs.

Minor spoiler:

In case you didn't notice, the table above shows that some of these authors have an average of as low as 1100 sales per ebook. It's just that they ahve [sic] so many titles that it all adds up.

It's pretty interesting. Check out the full analysis with pretty pictures here: