The Dangle: A promise of rewards in the future for work performed now (via @ritholtz)

This post doesn't relate directly to writing, but it can be related directly to writing, and I am doing so now. 'The Dangle' is Barry Ritholtz's term for something we as writers would already be quite familiar with: working for free, or more aptly, for the promise of exposure:

In the present discussion, consider these various dangles made by content factories to me over the years:

1) You will get traffic back from the content site; 2) You’re building an audience; 3) You are enhancing your own personal brand; 4) You will raise your Google Page Rank 5) You are developing a reputation

Barry discusses this in general terms, but with the proliferation of the euphemistic 'For the Love' antho and 'royalty only' anthologies (which the author Alan Baxter lambasted here), I thought it was an appropriate read for fiction writers, who are often desperate (and therefore vulnerable to exploitation).

Read it all here (it'll make you famous!):