The Importance of Titles (via @catsparx @sircamaris)

Cat Sparks writes on David McDonald's blog about the importance of choosing a strong, poetic title for your story.

To me, it’s a bit like this: when you attend an important event, such as a wedding or dinner party, you dress accordingly and mostly that means smart clothes. To turn up in tracky pants and a dirty t-shirt is lazy, amongst other things. Boring titles are lazy. Writing is hard work. Why top off your efforts with something slack and half arsed?

I've mentioned this briefly in an older post, How To Stand Out in the Slush Pile, and Cat is absolutely right: a powerful title predisposes the reader, sets expectations. Obviously you want those to be as accurate as possible, to avoid disappointment. At the same time, you can use this to your advantage, if for example you want to lead the reader astray with a red herring. Careful not to annoy them though, especially if the reader is someone you want to convince to buy your submission.

Cat says:

If a slushpile story title is intriguing, I am automatically predisposed to want to like the story that comes with it. Maybe I won’t end up liking it after all, but isn’t positive anticipation an excellent place to start?

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