Litographs: Classic Books as Typographic Prints Supporting Global Literacy (via @brainpicker)

Maria Popova highlights a fantastic literary/visual project:

I love everything about Danny Fein’s Litographs project, which addresses this paradox through beautiful prints by a team of artists, made of upcycled classic texts, many in the public domain. The books remain fully legible in the final print. Thanks to a partnership with the International Book Bank, every print sold sends a book to a community in need.

Note this is the same concept as the Spineless Classics work I highlighted here back in January 2012, but with a different set of novels. Both are worth checking out but if I may be so bold as to offer a criticism: it's simply impossible to read the Litograph works - they're laid out across the width of the final artwork. The Spineless Classics art is laid out in columns and much more accessible. Granted, the primary purpose of these artworks is to be pretty, but I like my art functional where possible, and it's preferable to be able to read a few pages of a classic book in a viewing without having to scan across solid blocks of text from which every fragment of formatting has been removed.

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