Monday Market - Stupefying Stories (via @mbennardo)

Stupefying Stories is looking for more stories:

STUPEFYING STORIES is a direct-to-ebook-only original fiction anthology series. Each month, STUPEFYINGSTORIES is committed to bringing the freshest new fiction by the hottest new authors directly to your e-book reader, tablet, phone, or other mobile device.

They want short fiction with no specific limit that I could discern (but I'd say keep the novellas to a minimum) and pay a pretty modest 1c/word on publication, with a $10 minimum. From the 'What we are buying now' page:

Tell me a great story, is what I want. Science fiction, fantasy, mystery, adventure, comedy, some mash-up of two or three—I don't care. Show me a story that grabs my attention, takes me away to an interesting place populated by interesting characters, keeps me turning the pages to find out what happens next, and at the end leaves me feeling that the time I spent reading your story was time well-spent. Do this, and you'll make a sale.

I would also read the 'What we are NOT buying now' page while you are at it.

Other submission details lie here: How to submit your story and here: What we are buying now

NB: You need to click around the site for the various bits of information, as unfortunately there are no direct links to their pages.