Five Ways to Kill Audience Satisfaction (via @JasonArnopp)

Jason Arnopp details ways to kill audience satisfaction:

Here are five of the mental notes I've made over the years, while trying to work out why some stories leave you feeling instinctively dissatisfied.  While there's no exact formula for making audiences happy, with that indefinable sense of 'fiction fullness', we can certainly try to avoid these pitfalls...

I won't list them all here, that's what Jason's article is for. Of the five, the one that spoke to me the most (probably from having seen it more than once in stories I've had to read), it's THE PROTAGONIST DOESN'T RESOLVE THE MAIN PROBLEM:

We want to see those Original Protagonists deal directly with the threat they've been facing - it's no good, watching them rescued or helped by magically materialising outside forces.  This is mainly because the OPs have had the longest journey.

Before you start throwing out exceptions where this isn't a problem (and there are always exceptions, of course) Jason continues to explain how this deflates your audience's experience.

Have a read and try to see if you do anything like this: