Book Pricing in Australia: A Personal Story (via @peterdonoughue HT: @alexadsett)

Peter Donoughue does some analysis of Australian book prices (always a hot topic here), and shows us how he cleverly tried to save money and time by ordering from Amazon:

I immediately placed a backorder for [Paul Krugman's new book] on Amazon, knowing I'd get it within a few days of release, and knowing also that Norton invariably sells Commonwealth rights to every Krugman title, and the Commonwealth edition comes to Australia weeks or even months later with far lower production standards but at an inflated price.

Of course this didn't quite work out as well as he hoped.

Have a look at Peter's rough formula to estimate expected Australian book pricing - there's a counter example of Someone Doing It Wrong (that would be Random House), which I found interesting. Are there any booksellers who can comment on their experience/approach with this?

Read it here: