Prepping for the Publishing Doomsday (via @chuckwendig)

Chuck Wendig is effortlessly entertaining over at his Terrible Minds blog, and last month he posted an article to help us prepare for what I have referred to (and been mocked for referring to) as the pubpocalypse. In Chuck's words:

Publishing pinballs drunkenly between the bumpers of optimism and the flippers of holy fucking shit-hell the meteors are coming fairly regularly. The Internet is good for this: we get to see every moment as it happens and we have zero time to process it. All our processing is done out-loud, together, and mass hysteria runs rampant. Every shadow that passes over our prairie dog heads seems like a hungry hawk when it might be nothing more than a harmless vulture or a passenger plane.

Chuck throws a little bit of cooling water on these fires, an approach that comes down to:

Don’t let it get in the way of your stories.

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