Thought Provoking Questions Every Book Club Should Ask Themselves (via @Jezebel)

Humorous approach to book clubs via Jezebel:

Some people have suggested that book clubs are a silly, middle class diversion for the kinds of pretentious bourgie women who want to have high mined discussions about books you buy at an airport so you can read it "before you see the movie." The ever-reliable Daily Mail has some pretty hairy horror stories about a dark underbelly of mutual trade-paperback enjoyment, one populated by "show offs, drunks, and fibbers."

To give you an idea of the tone of this piece, the last question is:

15. We all almost came to a consensus for next month's book with "Anna Karenina," but some of us said we "read it already." Is it possible that some of us lied because we just don't want to read it? Who was your favorite character in "Anna Karenina?" Oh, really? What was "Vladimir"'s last name? It's okay, we'll wait.

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