Tor books survey on common fantasy titles (2011)

This was linked from an article I reposted by Susan Morris, but I know you don't all read through the source material, so I dug it up for you. From a March, 2011 survey by Tor books on common fantasy titles.

[I]f you assembled the most generic fantasy trilogy statistically possible, it’d look like this:

  • The Shadow War of the Night Dragon, Book One: The Dead City
  • The Shadow War of the Night Dragon, Book Two: Dark Blood Magic
  • The Shadow War of the Night Dragon, Book Three: Dream World of the Fire Wolf

My suggestion would be to use these kinds of lists as words to avoid, but to be honest in the world of fantasy series you may want to gravitate towards these sorts of words.

It's a great read, and full of interesting statistical data:

We didn’t stop there in our word hunt, though. Curiousity [sic] took hold. What, for example, was the most popular occupation?

Read it here:

And for extra fun, John Scalzi actually sat down and wrote some of the first book of the Shadow War of the Night Dragon: