Amazon’s markup of digital delivery to indie authors is ~129,000% (via @andrewhyde)

Andrew Hyde walks us through his ebook launch experience, with excellent infographics and an account of his marketing strategies.

This post is about [...] where the sales of the book are coming from, and why Amazon takes 48% of digital book sales.  Surprising eh?  I thought Amazon was the BEST for indie authors, right? We will get into that later.

Andrew isn't hiding in the low thousands on the Amazon sales list. He describes a very successful launch, including:

The book had a great launch, even getting to the #1 Hot Releases spot for for the travel section.

He discovers that the Kindle accounts for the greater of his sales on his $9.99 book, but then:

Wait, Amazon pays out the worst?  What? This can’t be right! They are the best right? Everyone loves them.  I love them.  I dig a bit deeper and find this little gem[...]

Do read through. I'm no fan of the Kindle myself, specifically because Amazon explicitly refuse to support .epub files, but this is a really shady trick by Amazon.

Read Andrew's analysis here:

PS: In the comments to Andrew's article we find a link to where Amazon apparently discloses their delivery service fee. That link seems to be broken now, and a quick search through their help page didn't turn up anything. Sorry folks, I tried.