Improved Reading Experience? No. (via @dailyexhaust)

This post highlights a change that Amazon made to the Kindle app on iPad. Specifically, they claim:

Improved reading experience on iPad: Smaller margins and a cleaner look help you focus on the author's words.

Bryan at the Daily Exhaust shows some before and after screen comparisons, and for anyone working in typesetting for their own work, it's a perfect example of whatnot to do.

The new Kindle app presents a page in a suffocating block of text and looks unpleasant. Am I biased? Who knows, but let's go with yes: it's still an ugly page.

Bryan says:

When I first saw this in the blurb, I was immediately suspicious. It's hard to overstate the importance of healthy margins and whitespace in good design. Generally, it's also one of the earlier casualties when good design meets project managers and clients who aren't designers. But I updated the app anyway. Upon opening, I saw what had been a decent treatment of margins had been destroyed by the redesign.

There are other design issues with the new application, and the choices frankly boggle my mind.

As it happens, there is no reason for Amazon to have a clunky, poorly designed reader app on the iPad.

Have a look for yourself here: