Reasons this is the Best Time to be a Storyteller (via @chuckwendig)

Chuck Wendig probably needs no introduction, but here's a link, just in case. Chuck frequently produces '25-reasons' lists and excellent advice for writers. Amidst all the publishing industry doom-and-gloom it's nice to get a little bit of positivity. Chuck's response to doom and gloom is:

But, hey, you know what? Fuck that. Let’s lift our chins. Let’s find the sunshine. Let’s punch those dead otters in the face with our gauntleted fists of unmitigated optimism. Why is this a good time to be a storyteller?

There are an entire TWENTY-FIVE excellent reasons to be positive about being a writer now. I quite like this one:

The Age Of The Rockstar Is Over

The rockstar — those figures in pop culture who command all the sales and all the attention — is part of the monoculture and the monoculture is waning. When the really big, greedy fish leave the ocean, the smaller fish get more food (and are themselves less likely to be food). Fewer rockstars mean more craftsmen. They leave more room for the rest of us to come in and do our thing. Or so I like to believe.

That was number 22. Imagine how many other helpful things are in that article? There may be a few swears in there, too, but we're all grownups here, right?

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